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AAEP offers two basic membership types: One for companies and another for individuals who are ineligible for

corporate membership.  The requirements for each kind of membership are shown below. 


Click here for details of AAEP membership benefits.



Corporate membership is open to any company.  The category of membership is determined by the global revenues

of the company.

Large Corporate

Criteria: Companies with global revenue of US $50 million or more
Annual dues: USD 3,000
Members allowed: 50 (1 primary member, plus 49 additional members)

Small Corporate

Criteria: Companies with global revenue of US $1-50 million
Annual dues: USD 2,000
Members allowed: 30 (1 primary member, plus 29 additional members)

Other Corporate

Criteria: Companies with global revenue of less than US $1 million
Annual dues: USD 700
Members allowed: 10 (1 primary member, plus 9 additional members)



Individual membership is open to all persons, who are not already eligible through their Corporate membership. 

We welcome academics, government officials, and all environmental services professionals as new members. 

Criteria: All individuals who do not already have corporate membership
Annual dues: USD 75
Members allowed: 1



The AAEP is happy to provide membership to students at a discounted rate.  All eligible students must provide

proof of current academic study and be in good standing with their university.  

Criteria: All students who can provide proof of current academic study
Annual dues: USD 25
Members allowed: 1