Established in 1994, the AAEP helps its members achieve their goals across Asia by providing a platform for

them to interact with each other, environmental services companies, and governments. Read on to understand

more about all the benefits of being an AAEP member.


Advocacy and Influence

The AAEP prides itself on maintaining broad and substantial relations with governments across the region, at both

senior and working levels. Many of our members find the AAEP to be the perfect platform through which to engage

the various levels of the national and local governments, helping them make their voices heard when it comes to

improving the business environment.

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Forums and Committees

The core of the AAEP’s activities is our working groups. We have forums and committees focusing on industry sectors

and special interests that span from government affairs, industry promotion, funding of scientific research,

to environmental education and activism.

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Business Development

No matter which industry you’re in, the AAEP is your business partner.

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